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16 July 

Interview on the Sustainable Development Goals

Paul Luttikhuis, NRC Handelsblad.

5 July

Interview on global climate policy

Le Monde.

6 June

Catching the Sun

Interview with political event centrum Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam. Online here.

21 May

Interview on solar geoengineering

Mongabay (Jeremy Hance)

10 April

Still und heimlich starten Forscher den Versuch, unsere Erde abzukühlen.

Interviewed by Focus (Germany). Direct link here.

6-7 April 2024

Dimlicht voor de aarde – of een stoplicht?

Interviewed for Dutch national newspaper NRC by Laura Wismans. Online access here.

8 March 2024

Background interview on the negotiations around the 6th United Nations Environment Assembly

Wall Street Journal.

27 February 2024

Background interview on climate policy and geoengineering

British Broadcasting Corporation

22 February

Live radio interview on the negotiations around the United Nations Environment Assembly

Westdeutscher Rundfunk (ARD)

24 January

Interview about climate policy

Eirini Sotiropoulou of the Greek investigative journal Inside Story. Link here.

10 January

Brauchen wir geoengineering?

Interviewed by German TV station Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF). Programme ‘Nano’. Link here (programme starts 4’, own interview at 7’ and 11’).

9 January

Wenn das 1,5-Grad Ziel scheitert, was dann?

Interview by RND Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland. Link here.


14 December 

Interview on climate policy

Epsiloon (French science magazine).

7 November

Climate Now Debates: Solar Radiation Management (podcast)

Podcast with Frank Biermann, David Keith, Chukwumerije Okereke, Jennie Stephens, and Claudia Wieners. Climate Now podcast series, episode 125. Spotify access here.

31 October

Cool Us or Kill Us? Did Geoengineering Cause a Huge Famine?

Interviewed by Weathered, PBS (Public Broadcasting Service), Season 4 Episode 4. Direct link here.

11 October

To avert climate disaster, what if one rogue nation dimmed the sun?

Interviewed by BBC. Direct link here.

21 September

De Sustainable Development Goals van de VN hebben een update nodig - in gesprek met onderzoeker Frank Biermann.

Radio interview with Dutch NPO Radio 1 NTR. Direct link here.

18 September

UN Sustainable Development Goals in spotlight at General Assembly.

Interviewed Brian Osgood by Al Jazeera. Direct open link here.

18 September

Interviewed by nature magazine Roots.

18 September

Geen van de Duurzame Ontwikkelingsdoelen van de VN lijkt te gaan worden behaald: wat te doen?

Interviewed by Thom Canters in De Volkskrant. Direct open link here

17​ September

Sleutelen aan het klimaat: dé oplossing of het begin van het einde?

Interviewed by Bart Rutten in Nieuws­uur (national news programme NOS). Link here.

16 September

Hitteschilden, witte wolken, een 'sluier' om de aarde af te koelen. Willen we dat?

Interviewed by Daan Marselis in Trouw. Article here

​14 September (print)

The world’s goals for saving humanity are still the best option. Now it is time for everyone to double down on work to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Interviewed for, and cited in, editorial by Nature. Link here.

14 September 

Verduisteren van de zon.

Television report by Dutch TV news station NOS NTR. Online here. (minutes 20 to 27)

1 September

Climate engineering: a quick fix or a risky distraction?

Interviewed by Financial Times. Direct link here.

24 August 

Zonlicht tegenhouden op grote hoogte is steeds minder taboe.

Interviewed in De Morgen (Belgium). PDF here.

23 July

Deze drie steenrijke broers sponsoren klimaatonderzoek, en zij zijn niet de enigen.

Interviewed in Dutch national paper Trouw by Maarten van Gestel. Link (paywalled) here.

8 July

Solar-Geo-Engineering als letzter Ausweg gegen den Klimawandel?

Live radio interview on the dangers of geoengineering in RadioEins, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg in the morning science programme Die Profis with Stephan Karkowsky. Link here.

5 July

Forscher wollen Sonne verdunkeln - was hinter dem umstrittenen Klima-Plan steckt

Interviewed by Focus (Germany) on the dangers of geoengineering. Direct link here.

4 July 

La déviation des rayons du soleil, une idée qui inquiète Bruxelles

Interviewed by LesEchos. Direct link here

30 June 

Billionaires want to save the world. What’s so wrong with that?

Interviewed by Andrew Hunter Murray in Financial Times, 30 June 2023. Open access link here. PDF here.

30 June

We can’t engineer ourselves out of the climate crisis

Cited in The Next Web (a Financial Times company). Direct link here.

28 June 

European Commission calls for international discussions on risks of climate engineering

Interviewed for EuroNews. Live video here

12 June

The Overshoot Commission is talking about solar geoengineering. Not everyone thinks it should

Interviewed for article by Climate Home News. Direct link here.

2 June 

Mensheid belast de aarde de veel

Interviewed on earth system boundaries for Dutch national newspaper NRC Handelsblad. Link here.

31 May

‘Safe and just’ climate boundary has already been breached, says contested study

Interviewed on concept of planetary boundaries in CarbonBrief. Link here.

15 April 

Mit Mondstaub die Sonne verdunkeln? Das macht sogar Klimaforschern Angst

Interviewed in Focus magazine. Link here

20 March

Zonlicht blokkeren: onbespreekbaar of laatste redmiddel voor het klimaat?

Interviewed in Dutch media site Link here.

17 March

A Controversial Technology Is Creating an Unprecedented Rift Among Climate Scientists

Interviewed in Time magazine by Alejandro de la Garza. Link here.

16 March

Tánaiste meets UN chief to talk peacekeeping, Ukraine and sustainable development

Interviewed by RTÉ, Ireland’s National Television and Radio Broadcaster. Direct link here.

6 March

Inside the high-stakes battle over dimming the sun’s light to cool the planet

Interviewed by Boston Globe by Sabrina Shankman. Direct link here.



Geknutsel aan de natuur verdeelt de wetenschap

Interviewed for Trouw by Maarten van Gestel

28 February

De zon dimmen? Wetenschappers willen meer onderzoek klimaatinterventies

Interviewed in NOS Nieuwsuur by Marijn Duintjer Tebbens. Direct link here.

27 February

Efforts to block sunlight get boost from prominent scientists

Cited in ClimateWire. Link here.

20 February

Interviewed by Joris Tielens for NEMO Kennislink 

16 February

Klimaatverandering en gezondheid, wat kunnen we doen? (Podcast)

Podcast by Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), with Anna van Valkengoed (Groningen) and moderator Margreet Reijntjes. 16 February 2023 (link here).

15 February

Red het klimaat, installeer buitenaardse zonwering

De Standaard (Belgium), interviewed by Senne Starckx. Link here. PDF here.

12 February

This controversial climate solution could be exactly what the planet needs. Or it could be a colossal disaster

Cable News Network (CNN). Interviewed by Laura Paddison. Direct link here.

9 February

A solution to the climate crisis: mining the moon, researchers say

The Guardian, citing my comments. Direct link here.

Covered in 360Magazine, Berliner Zeitung, Business Insider, Canada Today, HLN, Ouest France, and many others.

8 February

With cash infusion, developing nations boost sun-dimming research

Cited in Reuters. Direct link here.

Covered in The Jakarta Post and other outlets.

28 January

Verdensmål har ændret den politiske diskurs – men de har skabt meget få forandringer

Interviewed by the Danish political weekly Mandagmorgen about the impact of the SDGs. Link here.

12 January

Pathways to sustainability 

Roundtable interview for business magazine Management Scope (with Prof. Rick van der Ploeg, Amsterdam/Oxford, & Sandra Phlippen, chief economist ABN AMRO).

11 January 

The debate over blocking the sun to counter climate change

The New York Times, citing my work. Direct link here.


Kunnen we in 2023 het klimaat fixen?

Interviewed by NOS, Dutch national radio


Mag dat: draaien aan de thermostaat van onze aarde? Geo-engineering: een omstreden noodrem bij oververhitting.

Interview with education magazine NVOX: Magazine voor het Onderwijs in Natuurwetenschappen (2023/1). PDF here.

11 January

Fire in the Hole 

Interviewed by Katrina Megget for Chemistry & Industry Magazine (issue 1). PDF here.


25 December

Can geoengineering fix the climate? Hundreds of scientists say not so fast

Interviewed by Oliver Milman in The Guardian. Link here.

28 November

Interviewed by Andrew Freedman, Axios

25 November

China noemt zich ontwikkelingsland. Valse bescheidenheid of eigenbelang?

Interview in Trouw. Online here; PDFs here and here.

23 November

Scientists increasingly calling to dim the sun

Futurism (Canada)

22 November 

Dimming the sun to cool the planet is a desperate idea, yet we’re inching toward it

Interviewed by Bill McKibben in The New Yorker. Link here.

17 November

Tempting solution: cool the planet artificially

Cited in Swiss Link here.

12 November

Knutselen aan het klimaat.

Cited by Joris Heijn in lead article in Elseviers Weekblad (vol. 78, no. 45). Link here.

27 September 

Wereldbankbaas onder vuur na opmerkingen over klimaatcrisis.

Interviewed by Annelies Roon over climate-skeptical comments by David Malpass, in Dutch national paper Trouw. Link here.

17 September

Geen regen? Dan maken we die

Interviewed in Volkskrant about weather modification. PDFs here, here, and here.

28 August


Interviewed by Amanda Verdonk in Dutch Research Council magazine Onderzoek. Link here.

22 June

Duurzame ontwikkelingsdoelen: veel gepraat, weinig actie. 

De Wereld Morgen

20 June

Voor een betere wereld zorgen de ontwikkelingsdoelen van de VN nog niet.

Interview over the effects of the SDGs by Hans Nauta in Dutch national paper Trouw. Link here.

20 June

Klima, Tierschutz, Nachhaltigkeit: Studie offenbart den großen UN-Selbstbetrug. 

Interviewed about the SDGs in the German national magazine Focus. Link here.

20 June

Report: UN global development goals have not changed policies.

Courthouse News Service

2 June

Fighting climate change through solar geoengineering is a bad idea, scientists warn. 

Interviewed by Olivia Rosane in Treehugger: Sustainability for All. Link here.

22 April

Blocking the sun is a risky gambit for fighting climate change.

The Daily Beast

1 February

Solar geoengineering can deflect from climate control efforts, say scientists

Interviewed by Vaneisa Baksh in UWI Today (University of the West Indies magazine). Link here.

1 February

Sonnengott spielen: Radikale Ideen gegen den Klimawandel erhitzen die Gemüter

Interviewed in Neue Zürcher Zeitung by Kalina Oroschakoff. Link here.

24 January 

Efforts to dim Sun and cool Earth must be blocked, say scientists

Interviewed for Mongabay by Shanna Hanbury. Link here

20 January

Solar Geoengineering: Why Bill Gates Wants It, But These Experts Want To Stop It

Interviewed in Forbes by David Vetter. Link here.


20 January 

Researchers seek global ban on sun-dimming technologies

Cited in Research Professional News. Link here.

20 January

La géo-ingénierie solaire ne sauvera pas le climat, stoppons-la

Cited in Reporterre. Link here

19 January

Coalizão global de cientistas pede Acordo Internacional de Não-Uso de Geoengenharia Solar

Cited in Nidde Digital Notícias da Bahia. Link here.

17 January

After sun-dimming setback, geoengineers seek a diplomatic fix

Cited by Thomson Reuters Foundation. Link here.

Covered by Yahoo!, Japan Times, World Republic News and others

17 January

De zon blokkeren? Een gevaarlijk idee', zeggen klimaatwetenschappers.


17 January

Solar Geoengineering: Wissenschaftler fordern internationales Abkommen

Cited by Deutschlandfunk

17 January

Wissenschaftler warnen vor Folgen von technischen Methoden zur Abkühlung der Erdoberfläche

Cited in NAU.CH. Link here

17 January

Kritik an Plänen, die Sonne zu beeinflussen

Cited in Deutschlandfunk Nova. Link here

17 January

In Major Move, Global Coalition Pushes for Moratorium on Solar Geoengineering

Cited in Science: The Wire. Link here

17 January

Dimming Sun's rays should be off-limits, say experts

Cited by France 24, covered in, Florida News Times, Yahoo News, Jamaica Observer and others. Link here.

Interviews and media citations before 2022 are not online.

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