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I invest substantial time in editorial work, seeking to make the best research on global sustainability available to broad academic and non-academic audiences. Much of my editorial work is related to the Earth System Governance Project.

I have contributed to establishing the “academic infrastructure” for this research field by setting up, with others, four independent publication outlets:

(1) The first of these is the Earth System Governance series with MIT Press. This series, now more than a decade old, was founded in 2009 and is co-edited by Oran R. Young and myself. Here we focus on publishing ground-breaking, largely single-authored books that push the conceptual and theoretical boundaries in global environmental and earth system governance research.

(2) The second is the Earth System Governance series with Cambridge University Press, established in 2018. This book series, of which I am the sole editor, is designed to publish the major findings of earth system governance research over the last decade, including – but not exclusively – through edited volumes that are conceptually strong, cover a broad area of research and often bring together both senior and early-career scholars.

(3) The third outlet is the Cambridge Elements in Earth System Governance series, launched in 2019, and co-edited by Aarti GuptaMichael Mason, and myself. The Cambridge Elements are shorter than traditional books, with a length of 20-30,000 words. They target a broader audience and seek to advance novel and ground-breaking theoretical and conceptual ideas that require more space than a journal article but can be addressed more succinctly than in a traditional book.

(4) As the fourth publication outlet, in 2019 we also launched a new journal, Earth System Governance. I am the founding editor of this journal, and am joined by an enthusiastic team of associate editors, managing editor and editorial board, all working to get this journal off the ground successfully. Earth System Governance is an online, fully open-access journal ensuring that its content is freely available to anybody, anywhere, at any time. To read more about the high ambition and broad scope of the journal, see my Editorial to the first issue here.

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