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Presentations, Speeches, Podcasts


10 April

‘Environmental Violence in the Anthropocene’ (discussant)

Discussant of a presentation by Markus Lederer, Darmstadt. Wageningen University and Research

8 April

Redding van de planeet door mondiale Duurzaamheidsdoelen? Een kritische blik op de status en toekomst van de SDGs van de Verenigde Naties

Invited lecture at the Sociëteit voor Culturele Samenwerking. The Hague​.

26 March

Laudatio in honour of Professor Robyn Eckersley

On occasion of the conferral of the degree of Doctor honoris causa of Utrecht University

13 March

Planetary Justice and Social Responsibility

Keynote at the conference Planetary Justice and Societal Responsibility in Sustainability Science and International Cooperation, Leibniz network Knowledge for Sustainable Development (virtual)

6 March

The Impact and Future of the SDGs

Roundtable discussion with members of the Advisory Council on International Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands.

1 March

Solar Geoengineering: A Possible Case of Ecocide?

Presentation in the Ecocide Hub’s Speaker Series, Utrecht University.

​15 February 

Solar Geoengineering as a Governance Challenge in Climate Politics

Presentation at the Workshop on Solar Radiation Modification in International Negotiations. Umweltbundesamt (German Environmental Protection Agency), Dessau, Germany.

8 February

Solar Geoengineering as a Problem of Global Governance

Invited presentation and discussion at a capacity building workshop for country delegates in preparation for the Sixth United Nations Environment Assembly. Virtual presentation.

29 January

Weltumweltpolitik im Anthropozän: Bausteine einer Erdsystem-Governance

University-wide lecture in the University President’s lecture series, University of Gießen. 

15 January

Active Scholarship in Global Climate Politics: Experiences from the Initiative for an International Non-Use Agreement on Solar Geoengineering

Research seminar presentation, Utrecht University.


4 December

Die politische Wirkung der SDGs: Forschungsstand und Ausblick

Keynote at the 10th annual conference of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network Germany. Potsdam.

26 October

Bridging Earth System Science and Earth System Governance

Roundtable presenter. 2023 Radboud Conference on Earth System Governance, Nijmegen, Netherlands.

26 October

Scholar Activism within Earth System Governance: Exchanging Lessons from Three Initiatives

Roundtable Presenter. 2023 Radboud Conference on Earth System Governance, Nijmegen, Netherlands.

26 October

Sustainable Development Post 2030, Whose Development for What Sustainability? Semiplenary session. Roundtable participant. 2023 Radboud Conference on Earth System Governance, Nijmegen, Netherlands.

26 October

Engaging with Earth System Governance Publications

Roundtable Presenter. 2023 Radboud Conference on Earth System Governance, Nijmegen, Netherlands.

22 October

Decolonizing Academic Publishing

Presentation at the ‘South-South Dialogue’, 2023 Radboud Conference on Earth System Governance, Nijmegen, Netherlands.

25 September

Utrecht City’s Voluntary Local SDG Review: A Commentary

Panel discussant with the Mayor of Utrecht, Sharon Dijksma, and the Netherlands national SDG coordinator, Sandra Pellegrom. Act Together Utrecht, Utrecht.

13 September

The Call for an International Non-Use Agreement on Solar Geoengineering. Rationale and Update on Recent Activities

Workshop with academics and policy makers at Sonnenborgh Museum and Observatory, Utrecht.

8 September

Engineering the Climate? The Case for a Global Precautionary Approach and a Non-Use Agreement.

Presentation at Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Government of France, Paris.

15 July 

Science Day at the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development

Roundtable lead discussant. UN Headquarters, New York City.

5 July

​The Future of the SDGs: Matching Research, Policy-making, and Non-state Agency

Roundtable participant at international workshop ‘Sustainable Development Goals: How do we meet them?’. Leiden University and Lorentz Centre.

3 July 

Scenario Analysis in Support of SDG Implementation

Roundtable participant and presenter at international workshop ‘Sustainable Development Goals: How do we meet them?’. Leiden University and Lorentz Centre.

27 June 

Transforming Governance in the Age of the Anthropocene

Opening plenary presentation at the 6th International Conference on Public Policy (with ca. 1300 participants), 27-29 June 2023. Toronto (via Zoom link).

5 June 

The Political Impact of the Sustainable Development Goals

Opening presentation at the workshop ‘The Future of the Sustainable Development Goals’, University of Bath, United Kingdom

26 May

Engineering the Climate? False Solutions to the Climate Crisis

Invited presentation to senior climate negotiators from African states

24 May

Solar Geoengineering als Herausforderung der (Außen)-politik

Invited presentation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Germany. Berlin.

11 May

Moet de overheid zich bemoeien met het klimaat? Doet klimaatengineering meer goed dan kwaad?

Lecturer and coach at school debating event hosted by Stichting Nederlands Debat Instituut (Dutch debating society). Technical University Delft, The Netherlands

26 April

Solar Geoengineering as a Challenge for Global Governance

Presentation at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, Government of the Netherlands

30 March

The Political Impact of the Sustainable Development Goals

Opening presentation at the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe side event ‘Multi-level Acceleration for the SDGs in the UNECE Region. Direct link here.

21 March

Ecocide as an International Crime: A Commentary

Presentation at the conference Law and the End of Anthropocentrism. Utrecht University School of LawPathways to Sustainability programme and Dutch Association for Environmental Law. Utrecht University (link here)

14-15 March

Anticipating Debates on Governance of Solar Geoengineering

Presentation at the workshop ‘Anticipating Future Debates on Climate Intervention’. Center for Global Security Research, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, United States (remote participation)

20 February

Solar Geoengineering as a Challenge for Global Governance

Webinar of the initiative for an International Non-Use Agreement on Solar Geoengineering

13 February

Solar Geoengineering in the Context of Climate Governance

Governance Workshop on Solar Radiation Modification. Umweltbundesamt, Germany (online)

8 February

The Impact of the Sustainable Development Goals

Keynote at Workshop on SDG Interactions, Wageningen University and Research

3 February

Teaching Politics after Environmentalism

Presentation at the Department of Political Science, Lund University (online)

31 January

Geoengineering the Climate? False Solutions to the Climate Crisis

Public presentation at Studium Generale, Wageningen University and Research, The Netherlands (link here)


5 December

Planetary Health

Podcast by Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, with Anna van Valkengoed (Groningen) and moderator Margreet Reijntjes

22 November

Earth System Governance: World Politics in the Anthropocene

Invited presentation at the University of Münster, Germany (online)

15 November

The Political Impact of the Sustainable Development Goals

Presentation at University College Utrecht

9 November

Earth System Governance and Planetary Justice

Keynote presentation at the Integrated Earth System Research Conference 2022 – From Vision to Implementation. Potsdam, 8-9 November

7 November 

Planetary Health and Climate Governance

Session chair and rapporteur. Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Science, Amsterdam.

20-24 October

2022 Toronto Conference on Earth System Governance ‘Governing Accelerated Transitions: Justice, Creativity, and Power in a Transforming World’. Toronto, 20-24 October 2022. 

Presented or coauthored papers:

  • Anchoring Knowledge Cumulation in Environmental Governance Research – But How? Panel participant.

  • Are We Moving Towards Integrated Sustainability? An Expert Survey Among Organizations (Montesano et al.)

  • Do the SDGs Foster Sustainability? Evidence from an Expert Survey (Montesano et al.)

  • Do the SDGs Matter for the Post-2020 Biodiversity Framework? Insights from Twitter (Bogers et al.)

  • Earth System Governance and the Global South: An Open Conversation. Panel participant.

  • Engaging with Global Goals through Organizational Jiu-Jitsu: The Case of the World Bank, the Sustainable Development Goals, and Reducing Inequalities (van Driel et al.)

  • Exploring the Interface of Earth and Space Governance. Innovative Panel participant.

  • Greening Labour: Trade Unions, Integrated Sustainability, and the SDGs (Montesano et al.)

  • Leveraging Private Finance for Public Good? State-Supported Private Finance for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Indonesia (Yunita et al.)

  • Limited Effects of the Sustainable Development Goals on Policy Integration. Insights from Text Analysis on 159 International Organizations (Bogers et al.)

  • The Political Impact of the Sustainable Development Goals: Findings from a Multi-Year Research Project.

  • The UN Regional Commissions as Orchestrators for Sustainable Development? (van Driel et al.)

  • Where is Sustainability in the Resource Curse Debate? Rethinking Academic Framing on Resource Governance (Yanuardi et al.)

12 October 

Assessing Solar Radiation Management

Panel participant at the Geneva Science and Diplomacy Summit 2022. Geneva, 12-14 October 2022 (online participation, full video of panel is here).

29 September

Nieuwe uitdagingen voor het milieurecht in het Antropoceen

Plenary presentation at the 40-year Anniversary Congress of the Dutch Association for Environmental Law (Vereniging voor Milieurecht)

27 September

Key Lessons from the SDG Impact Assessment for Future Research and Policy Reform

Roundtable participation and co-chair. Online Webinar.

26 September

Geoengineering the Climate? False Solutions to the Climate Crisis

Presentation at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, Potsdam (online).

6 July

Earth System Governance for Sustainable Development

Presentation including mentoring programme in the Global Policy, Diplomacy, and Sustainability fellowship programme hosted by O.P. Jindal Global University in India. 

5 July

The Political Impact of the Sustainable Development Goals

Presentation at the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development side event ‘The Political Effects of the SDGs since 2015: Findings from the Global SDG Impact Assessment’. New York and online. Full recording here.

22 June

Governance Innovations to Protect Our Planet

An Experts Roundtable in Support of Our Common Agenda. Hosted by Utrecht University (online).

21 June

Climate Obstruction and Scholar Activism: The Case of Solar Geoengineering

Presentation in the Innovation Studies seminar series, Utrecht University

13 June

Supporting Global Geosciences

Invited lunch presentation at the retreat of the administrative staff of the Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht University

10 June

Reflections from the Science/Activism Frontier: Geoengineering as a False Climate Solution

Invited presentation at the Climate Social Science Network’s conference Global Climate Governance in the Face of Obstruction, Bonn (online)

10 June

Solar Geoengineering

Invited presentation at the first meeting of the Global Commission on Governing Risks from Climate Overshoot, headed by Pascal Lamy. Bellagio (online participation).

2 June

The Political Impact of the Sustainable Development Goals

Opening presentation at the Roundtable ‘Taking Stock and Moving Forward: Lessons Learned from an Assessment of the Political Impact of the SDGs’ at Stockholm+50 Meeting. Online video here.

1 June

Die Grenzen der planetaren Kontrollfantasien: Warum Geoengineering und globale Technokratie keine Lösung sind

Invited presentation at Annual Conference 2022 of DFG Kolleg Zukünfte der Nachhaltigkeit “Planet und Gesellschaft: Die Grenzen nachhaltiger Zukünfte". University of Hamburg, Germany (online).

31 May

Global Environmental Governance 50 Years after the Stockholm Conference

Presentation at the workshop "Stockholm+50: A Half Century of Global Environmental Governance - Taking Stock and Moving Forward" Stockholm, Högberga gård, Lidingö.

18 May

Stockholm+50: Unlocking a Better Future

Panel presentation at launch of report by SEI and CEEW. Stockholm Environment Institute and Council on Energy, Environment and Water (livestream here).

12 April 

Long-term Institutions in the Anthropocene

Presentation at the Longterminism and Institutions workshop, Strategic Theme Institutions for Open Societies, Utrecht University.

28 March

The Political Impact of the Sustainable Development Goals

Roundtable chair and presentation at the 2022 Annual Convention of the International Studies Association, Nashville, United States (online presentation with Carole-Anne Sénit)

23 March 

Solar Geoengineering - Our way out of the climate crisis?

Public presentation in the online series Researchers’ Desk (a weekly webinar series).

3 March

Climate Engineering – Unser Weg aus der Klimakrise?

Public presentation at Germany’s Environmental Protection Agency (Umweltbundesamt). Online.

16 February

Politics in the Anthropocene

Presentation at plenary gathering of the Sola Scriptura student association. Utrecht.

10 February

Decolonizing educational and research institutions

Presentation at the Brown Bag seminar of the Utrecht University hub ‘Gender and Diversity’ (with Carole-Anne Sénit). 

8 February

Climate Engineering – Onze uitweg uit de klimaatcrisis?
Public evening lecture in Dutch. With live music and drinks. Science Café Leiden.

20 January

The Anthropocene: A governance perspective

Presentation at the Anthropocene Research Collective for Human, Animal and Interspecies Collaborations, Radboud University, Nijmegen


3 November

Protecting Climate Refugees

Interview in EuroNews on “Climate Refugees”. Direct link here.


28 October

Climate Engineering – Our Way Out of the Climate Crisis?

Webinar presentation organized by Scientists for Future Netherlands

1 October

Alle Macht den Richtern? Die neue Rolle des Rechts in der Weltumweltpolitik

Keynote at the annual German-Dutch Lawyers’ Conference (Deutsch-Niederländische Juristenkonferenz).

16 September

Transformativer Wandel durch die Ziele für nachhaltige Entwicklung der Vereinten Nationen? (Roundtable)

Annual Convention of the German Political Science Association.

3 September

Political Science Research on Climate Change: Where is the Impact, How Can It Be Enhanced? (Roundtable)

European Consortium for Political Research General Conference

25 August

The Sustainable Development Goals as Global Mission-oriented Policy

Opening presentation at Eu-SPRI Early Career Research Training School ‘Advancing Mission-Oriented Innovation Policy’, Utrecht University (online)

21 July

Which Political Effects Have the SDGs Had So Far? Evidence from a Global Science Assessment

Keynote address at Evidence for Action: Aligning the Climate and SDG Agendas. Online International Research Symposium (hosted by Sussex University and partners). Watch the panel on YouTube here.

7 July

Our Future in the Balance: The Role of Courts and Tribunals in Meeting the Climate Crisis

Roundtable participant

6 July 

From Environmental Policy to Earth System Governance

Presentation at Centre for Sustainable Society Research, University of Hamburg. Link to Video here.

8 June

Global Sustainability Governance and Poverty Eradication

Presentation at Utrecht Student Association for International Relations

20 May

Earth System Governance for Sustainable Development and Peace

Invited presentation (webinar) with Hiroshima University. See the YouTube video here.

29 April

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in times of COVID-19.

Panel discussion hosted by Earth System Governance Project. YouTube video here

28 April

Sustainable Development Goals, Earth System Governance and Planetary Justice. 1-hour Podcast with Dr Dhanasree Jayaram of Manipal Academy of Higher Education. YouTube video here. Recordings on Spotify, Buzzsprout, and Google Podcast

19 April

World Politics in the Anthropocene

Invited Lecture at Descartes Alumni Genootschap (Descartes Alumni Society)

17 April

On the Emergence of Earth System Governance

Interviewed for Podcast SPHERE – a podcast on the evolution of global environmental governance. Listen to the Podcast here

13 April

Desirable climate futures? The geoengineering dilemma. Panel discussion (online).

6-9 April

International Studies Association Annual Convention

  • Co-Presenter, ‘Global Civil Society and the Representation of the Global Poor in Sustainable Development Negotiations’

  • Co-Presenter, ‘The Marginalization of the Global South in Global Change Science’ (with Carole-Anne Sénit)

  • Participant, Roundtable ‘How to Get Published’

  • Honoree, ‘Distinguished Scholar Panel honoring Frank Biermann’

7 April

Earth System Governance and the Common Home of Humanity

Podcast (online here) with Kimberly White, CEO of Planet Press

18 March 

The Steering Effects of the Sustainable Development Goals

Presentation at Webinar ‘The Contribution of SDGs to Global Governance. Hosted by Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals, Barcelona, Spain 

3 March

The Impact of the Sustainable Development Concept. Listen here to my Podcast in the series In Pursuit of Development

16 February


Podcast in Dutch from Impact Café Utrecht

25 January 

The European Green Deal: Reflections on Nature, Animals, and the Planet

Keynote at conference ‘The Green Deal: What Are its Implications for Animals and Nature?’ Maastricht University (short video here: online).


15 January

Opties voor negatieve CO2-emissies

Online Public Dialogue (in Dutch) by organisations affiliated with the Dutch Green and Social-Democratic parties. I argued for European initiatives to control research on climate engineering. Join us online here.


3 December

Defining the Normative Space of the Anthropocene: Goals, Targets, Politics

Keynote at the conference Toolbox of Environmental Governance: Numbers, Metrics, and Acronyms. Swedish Royal Academy of Art and Sciences, Stockholm (virtual presentation).

27 November

New Developments in Global Sustainability Governance

Presentation at the Inaugural Workshop of the Cascades Project (Horizon 2020).

25 September

‘Let’s Build the Job Profile of the 21st Century Leader’

SDG Action Day – Panel Discussion. Online event organised by SDG Action Netherlands

16 September

Global Sustainability Governance Fifty Years after the 1972 Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment

Presentation at the Plenary ‘Science-Policy Dialogue on Stockholm+50’ at the international Earth System Governance Virtual Forum.

16 September

The Steering Effects of the Sustainable Development Goals: A Research Agenda

Invited presentation at the Semi-plenary ‘The Sustainable Development Goals: Success or Failure’ at the international Earth System Governance Virtual Forum.

10 June

Global Governance through Goal-Setting: A Meta-Analysis of the Effects of the Millennium Development Goals

GlobalGoals2020 International SDG Research Symposium, Utrecht University.

9 June

The Steering Effects of the Sustainable Development Goals: A Research Agenda

Opening speech at the International SDGs Research Symposium GlobalGoals2020. Utrecht University.

6 June

COVID-19 and Global Sustainability

Keynote at KMF and Forum Kagama Virtual “Living in Peace with Covid-19?”. Online.

5 March

Die Sustainable Development Goals: Transformative Kraft der Nachhaltigkeitspolitik?

Public Evening Debate jointly organised by Schader Foundation, German Political Science Association, and Technical University Darmstadt. Darmstadt, Germany.

25 February

Climate Engineering: Science Fiction or Future?

Presentation at the university-wide programme Studium Generale of University of Twente.

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