Presentations and Speeches


25 January

The European Green Deal: Reflections on Nature, Animals, and the Planet

Keynote at conference ‘The Green Deal: What Are its Implications for Animals and Nature?’ Maastricht University (online).

15 January

Opties voor negatieve CO2-emissies

Online Public Dialogue (in Dutch) by organisations affiliated with the Dutch Green and Social-Democratic parties. I argued for a Dutch national research programme to study proposals for climate engineering. Join us online here.


3 December

Defining the Normative Space of the Anthropocene: Goals, Targets, Politics

Keynote at the conference Toolbox of Environmental Governance: Numbers, Metrics, and Acronyms. Swedish Royal Academy of Art and Sciences, Stockholm (virtual presentation).

27 November

New Developments in Global Sustainability Governance

Presentation at the Inaugural Workshop of the Cascades Project (Horizon 2020).

25 September

‘Let’s Build the Job Profile of the 21st Century Leader’

SDG Action Day – Panel Discussion. Online event organised by SDG Action Netherlands

16 September

Global Sustainability Governance Fifty Years after the 1972 Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment

Presentation at the Plenary ‘Science-Policy Dialogue on Stockholm+50’ at the international Earth System Governance Virtual Forum.

16 September

The Steering Effects of the Sustainable Development Goals: A Research Agenda

Invited presentation at the Semi-plenary ‘The Sustainable Development Goals: Success or Failure’ at the international Earth System Governance Virtual Forum.

10 June

Global Governance through Goal-Setting: A Meta-Analysis of the Effects of the Millennium Development Goals

GlobalGoals2020 International SDG Research Symposium, Utrecht University.

9 June

The Steering Effects of the Sustainable Development Goals: A Research Agenda

Opening speech at the International SDGs Research Symposium GlobalGoals2020. Utrecht University.

6 June

COVID-19 and Global Sustainability

Keynote at KMF and Forum Kagama Virtual “Living in Peace with Covid-19?”. Online.

5 March

Die Sustainable Development Goals: Transformative Kraft der Nachhaltigkeitspolitik?

Public Evening Debate jointly organised by Schader Foundation, German Political Science Association, and Technical University Darmstadt. Darmstadt, Germany.

25 February

Climate Engineering: Science Fiction or Future?

Presentation at the university-wide programme Studium Generale of University of Twente.

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